Nexus 850

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Nexus 850

Nexus 850 is a beautiful motor yacht shipyards prepared by Northman. His prototype we saw at the fair Wind and Water in 2012 in Warsaw.

The unit is to be produced in two basic versions of the drive: inboard or outboard.
In both cases, the control unit is mounted to the steering position in cockpit.
Both motor and bathing platforms from mechanical damage, covered with lid and allow SOUNDPROOFING raising it with the trim.
The interior of the yacht may be executed in a building open or closed.
The living space of opportunities to arrange two cabins, fore and aft with full size double berths.
The middle part of the boat is large mesa with a large galley and a toilet cubicle.
After leaving the table, we get an extra berth cabin double berths and a total of 6 people.

The interior of the yacht is equipped with a large number of cabinets, drawers and lockers.
Boat with a folding cockpit table, cockpit cover the possibility of folding based on the bimini, flysheet.
In the fore part of the deck a comfortable place for sunbathing.
The hull of the boat Ballasting falszkilem allows to adapt to difficult conditions and fitting it to a fixed version of the charter.

Nexus 850 - Technical data

total length (cm) 850
Overall width (cm) 290
category C
immersion min. 39cm
Weight (kg) 2300kg
number of people 6
number of cabins 1 or 2 (depending on installation)
Height in cabin 195cm
Number of bathrooms 1
max. engine power 10-30km
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